Wild West Retreat of Escalante Utah

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you located in town or out on a ranch?
A: Wild West Retreat is located 3 blocks off Highway 12 within walking distance of the town Center.

Q:What services are available?
A: Escalante merchants include:  Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Sporting Goods Store, Fine Art Gallery, several restaurants, parks, three gas stations, and several other small retail merchandisers. We have a health clinic, emergency services, a car repair shop and towing services.

Q: How do I get to the Retreat?
A: When you enter Escalante from either East or West on Highway 12, watch for the Subway Sandwich Shop and Gas Station.  We are located on 200 E (one block east of the Subway).  Turn south on 200 E and drive three blocks.  You'll see us on the left side of the street where we intersect 300 South.  Watch for the sign on the retreat that matches the header on our website.